Monday, April 2, 2007

Fishermen gets affected in the conflict situation

Sunday, March 25, 2007

"I go to the sea daily. I have to come back to the shore before 6pm due to the new security measure implemented here. If I fail to come back before 6pm, I spend the night in a small island, and return to the shore in the morning" says Zaid Mujahudeen (44) of Katpity
Fishermen prefer permanent peace
The life of fishermen is becoming difficult as the violence escalates
They fight with time to come back to the shore before dusk
Crabs and lobsters are caught during some seasons
Dry fish on Katpity shore
Better catch during the season
My family fears of me being a fisherman. But I can't change my job, because I do not know anything else except fishing" says Mohamed Saddheek (18).
Fishermen prefer day light fishing due to security reasons
Small children come to the shore to sort out fish, clean the fishing nets and earn some money for their families
Dry fish is sent as bulk to Colombo